Are you looking for new lenses for your glasses or sunglasses? ...quite simply, if you need lenses're at the right place!!

By reglazing your eyewear online, you can keep your favourite frame for a while longer and update the lenses for some brand spanking new shiny ones!

We have many reglazing options to choose from such as glasses, sunglasses or sports glasses reglazing. You can choose lenses supplied by the 3 leading optical lens manufacturers of Kodak, Hoya and Essilor & these ranges include every lens option you may need such as varifocal, transitions or high index and at prices to suit all budgets.

Reglazing your frame is as simple as adding the lenses with any optional extras you want and checking out. It's so'll wonder why you haven't done it before.


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Select your frame type

Select your frame type, choose your lenses & checkout.
It’s that simple.

Select your frame type

Once your order is received, we’ll send you a postage paid addressed envelope to return your frames to us. 

Select your frame type

We’ll make the lenses, reglaze them into your frames &
post your completed glasses back to you. Easy. 

Why Use Our Service

Why Use Our Service?

  • You have had a new eye test and wish to put new replacement lenses into your existing frame.
  • Your current lenses are scratched or damaged and you wish to replace them.
  • You wish to upgrade your glasses, such as reglazing varifocal lenses, bifocals or thin lenses.
  • You have prescription safety glasses and need reglazing with polycarbonate safety lenses.
  • You want your existing frame to be reglazed into sunglasses.
  • You have purchased a “frame only” from another supplier and want to have lenses fitted.
  • You have a favoured brand of lenses that you wish to use such as Essilor, Kodak or Hoya.

If you need lenses, you're at the right place