Welcome to Reglazing Eyewear Company

Are you looking for new prescription lenses to reglaze your glasses or sunglasses? Do you need new lenses for your favourite old frame? Well, look no further! The good news is, by simply reglazing your glasses online, you can keep your favourite frame for a while longer, update the lenses for some brand spanking new shiny ones and save a small fortune!! We have many lens reglazing departments for you to choose from such as reglaze glasses, sunglasses or sports glasses. We provide lenses from the 3 leading optical lens manufacturers of Kodak, Hoya and Essilor & these ranges include every lens option you may require such as varifocal, transitions or high index to name but a few, and at prices to suit all budgets.

The reglazing eyewear company use traditional, old fashioned customer service, with simple down to earth advice, and combine this with a modern, cutting edge high-tech approach to shopping online. We pride ourselves on offering the cheapest, fastest and most efficient glasses reglaze online in the UK. Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal at the heart of our business. We know you will be delighted with your new lenses and will continue to use us time and time again....quite simply, if you want to put new lenses in your own frame...you're at the right place!!